5 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays


It can be very hard to stay healthy during the holidays. This season is filled with friends and family, great movies, yummy food and treats, and often the start of cooler temps. With all of that it can be so hard to stay on track with any fitness goals.

I want to talk about the ways I TRY to stay active, for, and healthy during the crazy, awesome holiday season. I emphasized “try” because no one is perfect, and I’m not missing out on Christmas cookies and hot chocolate!


The first piece of advice I can give, and what I do myself, is plan out your meals and prep your food ahead of time. I discuss my meal planning and prep tips here. This helps you stay on track and more easily say no go surprise treats and meals. If you know your office Christmas party is that week, and you’re going to eat all the things, then plan for it. Plan extra healthy meals for the other days of the week!

My second and third tips kind of go hand-in-hand. Be honest with yourself about when you will realistically exercise, and schedule time in your day to exercise! So first, be honest with yourself. If you’re not going to wake up earlier and get out of your warm bed to exercise, then don’t plan on it. You’re just setting yourself up for failure and will eventually give up. Figure out what time of day your body responds best to and schedule a workout for that time. We’re all busy, and we all get busier during the holidays. Exercising and staying healthy during the holidays has to be a priority. I used to wake up early every morning to exercise because I got home too late to do it after work. I switched to exercising after work when my hours changed, but you better believe I will plan an AM workout if I have something going on after work!


Another thing I found that works for me is having someone there to keep me accountable. Have someone to ask if you exercised each day, motivate you when you’re tired of prepping food, and someone to just go exercise with you if you need them to. If I have to exercise in the morning now, I try to get Jackson to go with me. Knowing someone else’s routine and schedule would be affected if I didn’t wake up motivates me!


My last piece of advice for staying active and healthy during the holidays is to have workout clothes you love! Go buy yourself a Christmas present. This might sound silly, but for me being comfortable and loving what I am wearing makes me happy and motivated!

Do you have any great tips for staying healthy during the holidays? Share in the comments so we can can all benefit!

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