Loft Try-On | Work to Weekend


I went into my local Loft at Tyson’s Corner in Virginia last weekend to see what new pieces I could find for the season. They did not disappoint! The staff is so great, and they always have a great selection! I also saw they recently launched their Loft Plus line, so they literally have something for everyone! I tried to find a few great staple pieces that could be mixed and matched to dress you for work and the weekends!

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Loft Try-On | Fall Favorites


Happy Wednesday! I stopped by Loft on my day off Monday to try on a few things, and they did not disappoint! I found so many great pieces that can be mixed and matched to take you from work to the weekend. Let me start by saying, I know these aren’t the best quality pictures ha. A dressing room backdrop, and pictures taken on an iPhone in okay lighting, do not make the prettiest pictures. Ha that is not the point of this. I wanted to show you some great pieces from Loft, without you know, buying out the store!

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Tennis Shoe Review


I have recently become a little obsessed with tennis shoes. I like tennis shoes for working out, running errands, and dressing down outfits. They can be so versatile. In the hope that my obsession can help you, I’ve decided to round up my favorite tennis shoes and review them for you!

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Active Pieces for Workouts to Errands

Summer and Autumn are my absolute favorite seasons. The weather is perfect and it is just beautiful during both seasons. Jackson and I try to spend a lot of time outside during these seasons before the frigid cold Winter and Spring here in Virginia. We love going to the pool in the Summer, going for an outdoor run, and we go for the occasional hike. The point is to be outside, together, and often doing something active.

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